AGC Fitness


Personal Profile

As the owner of AGC Fitness, I have been involved in the fitness and wellness industry for 20 years. I love teaching and working with people, helping people become fit, healthy and more confident in themselves. I have a degree in Education and a love for learning and spreading knowledge.

I enjoy working with clients of various ages and backgrounds, individually and in small groups. Whether your fitness goals are to lose weight or run a marathon, I will collaborate with you to reach your goals. Working with Pre and Post Natal women is one of my areas of specialty, and more recently working with runners, cyclists and teens.

I am a certified Yoga Teacher and have taken Stott pilates and classical pilates courses. I practice yoga regularly and love incorporating the mind body philosophy into my practice. 

I have a wide range of fitness related interests which fuel my passion for health and wellness.  My earliest athletic pursuits were running and dancing which I enjoyed in my childhood and high school years. My love for sport broadened in my 20s when  I played Ultimate Frisbee and Ice Hockey. I have done 1/2 marathons, cycle and adventure triathalon races. I also enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, Yoga and Pilates.  I continue to enjoy active pursuits with my family. Fitness and wellness continue to be a focal point of my personal life. 

My philosophy on fitness and wellness is eating well, enjoying life and living actively.


Andrea has a breadth of training and certifications that enable her to design and implement comprehensive fitness and wellness programs tailored to you. These include:

- Personal Training Certification, American Council on Exercise (ACE)

- Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Specialist Certifications, CanFitPro 

- 200RYT Yoga Teacher Certification

-Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, CanFitPro

- Pre / Post Natal Fitness Certification, Healthy Moms

-TRX Suspension Training, Certified

-CPR / First Aid CanFitPro

Also MadDog spinning,Total Control Certification, Rape Agression Defence. As well as many courses in Pilates, Yoga Fusion, Yoga for athletes, TRX, KBell training and more.

Andrea continues to augment and update her qualifications in fitness and health education.