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Quotes I have been training under Andrea Gilbert Clark's direction for a couple of years now. Andrea has taken the time to understand my body's weaknesses and areas for strengths. She has developed many different workout programs for me - covering all of the major muscle groups, working on cardio, flexibility, strength, balance and more. Working and training with Andrea has increased my over all strength, especially my core, which has allowed me to be more active and more comfortable in my day to day life. Whether it is rollerblading, skiing, playing tennis, sitting at my desk at work. I feel an overall improvement in my body and general well-being. With Andrea's years of experience she can work through the routines with you to ensure you are doing the exercises, stretches properly and getting the most out of them. Most importantly, Andrea is an amazing woman - she makes the workouts enjoyable and takes the time to get to know her clients, which adds a great personal touch. Quotes
Shane Kafka
Business Owner

Quotes I recently completed my 24 sessions with Andi. Andi has given me the push to do so much when it relates to my health. First and foremost - eating better. I must admit this is one of my most difficult areas of health. But having to face Andi every Monday and Wednesday has given me a much needed kick. I am now eating much better, which speeds up my getting into shape quest. Also Andi has given me the motivation I was lacking to get back into working out. I had lost interest in working out, but learning new exercises and her up beat attitude has helped me get back into shape. She has also encouraged me to run a 10k which I will be doing this summer! Andi focused and listened to what I needed and helped me gain such wonderful arms :). I am so ready for summer! I have recommended my friend to Andi and will continue to recommend many more people. :) Quotes
Titi Akinsanya
Law Clerk

Quotes I did it! The race was great and lots of fun. It was a perfect day for running. My time was exactly one hour when I crossed. Thanks for all the encouragement and training. It was great! Quotes
Paula Riczker
Satisfied Mom of Three

Quotes Andrea has taken me from a post-pregnancy flabby mom, to a fit working mom. With her help, I took almost 5 inches off my waist and another 5 inches off elsewhere and so far, have lost 13 pounds. She has helped me get active and fit, while managing around my family and 8:30-6pm work schedule. I completed my first ever 10k run and am gearing up to do the Warrior Dash. Thank you Andrea for being so flexible and all your hard work! Quotes
Dr. Julia Viinikka
Actuary and Mom